freehand… no tape or stencils!

March 2, 2014

“DIAZ Phoenix” Dunk Hi

Those that know me, know I like to keep things simple and clean. When a client came to me looking for a simple text and image design, I jumped at the chance to add to it without adding to it.  All the black you see on...

November 20, 2013

“Paisley Swaves” Air Jordan 1

Paisley is about as iconic of a print as you can get. We see it anywhere and everywhere. When a customer came to me asking for a black on black print to be burnt into a pair of Jordan 1's, I got the idea to...

November 14, 2013

Elephant Print Wingtips

There comes a time in ever sneakerhead's life, when "formal" footwear is required. but who says a casual dress shoe can't still embody that which we have come to know and love about our Jordan collections? I give you the Elephant Print Wingtips! A classic...

September 24, 2013

“The Science Guy” Sperry Top-Sider

This is probably the most excited I have ever been about a release! Having the opportunity to work on shoes for a TV icon from my youth, Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy brought back so many fun memories. I have probably sang the "Bill Nye The Science Guy" theme...

August 22, 2013

“Waterbomb” Vans

I was contacted last minute to make a pair of Waterbomb shoes to be featured at their event on August 24th in Los Angeles. A Vans slip on was chosen as the base, as it would best showcase the pattern I created from the Waterbomb...

August 22, 2013

“Slip Into Paris” Vans

I was contacted by @rorygoz recently to adapt an iconic Hermès design onto a pair of pure white Slip On Vans. If I am being honest, the detail work involved had me a little nervous. But I never shy away from a challenge, so I...

August 1, 2013

“One Drop” Converse Hi

ONE DROP - "a non-profit organization established in 2007 by Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil—strives to ensure that water is accessible to all, today and forever. From its inception, ONE DROP has significantly and sustainably improved the living conditions of 300,000 people worldwide." Check out...

July 25, 2013

“Johnny Infamous” Dunk Hi

These were designed for 91.7 The Bounce host/radio personality, Johnny Infamous @johnnyinfamous Johnny's logo is very clean cut, and classy, so the goal for these Dunks was to create a monochromatic shoe that displayed his name and logo for the world to see, while keeping the...

July 16, 2013

“Perman-Ink Abstracts” Dunk Hi

Something new out of the Swaves lab for ya! Custom Nike Dunks designed to match an extensive self designed tattoo that covered half of the clients (a performer from the Cirque Du Soleil show Michael Jackson "The One") body. Recreating the tattoo on a pair of Dunks was no easy...